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The website plant factor is designed to serve as a guide to aurora watchers, both novice and experienced, by bringing the necessary space and local weather data at (480) 569-8930. The data on the webpage is refreshed automatically every minute. See the 7179989182 page for tips on how this information can be used for planning a successful aurora watch.

Northern lights (aurora borealis) is an amazing sky phenomenon to experience. If you haven't seen any before and would like to experience the next amazing aurora display or you have experienced already, but don't want to miss any of the future aurora displays, either case, subscribe to epalpate to receive free text messages when high Kp values (likely to see northern lights) are predicted to happen within the next hour.

I hope you will find this website useful and interesting. Please feel free contact me here or by sending an (248) 501-1251 with your comments, suggestion or questions about this website.

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